7 Excuses We Always Hear

Here at HartleyHeys we have probably Heard all the excuses.

But these are the 7 Most used reasons why you can’t do Yoga

  • I need to give up my vice (smoking, drinking, etc.) before I start

Erm no. You may have noticed that Vicky and Julia do like to sample the odd Gin & Tonic. All we ask you to do is not do these things for one hour of your yoga class bases in the Ribble Valley . As you progress further you may find a healthier lifestyle naturally.


  • My feet are not nice to look at

Firstly, we don’t just look at feet when we are teaching. If you are self-conscious you can wear yoga socks but honestly if you have clean feet and stay on your own mat (its considered bad yoga manners to walk on other people’s mats) no one is going to notice.


  • I don’t want to wear tight yoga clothes

You can wear what you feel comfortable in. Yes, closer fitting clothes makes it easier for a us the teacher to see if you are in the right position. But it is not necessary.


  • Mats are very expensive

You can buy a yoga mat from various places for £5. Vicky and Julia have a spare mat but if you end up really enjoying Yoga it’s more hygienic to buy your own mat.


  • I’m too tired after work

Sometimes we all have to give ourselves a little reminder why we do something, Yoga may make you feel more energetic and will help you sleep at night.


  • Yoga is too hard

Yoga is as hard and as challenging as you want it to be. There are many easier and sometimes safer options. Yes we may gently push you here at Hartley Heys but its all within the classes scope.


  • I’m injured/ill

As long as the injury has been assessed by a medical professional and they give you the all clear, you are good to practise Yoga. We work within our own scope of practise.

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