The Secret Benefits to Pilates

Pilates has so many benefits that to list them all would take me all day. A few are that they decrease lower back problems, it enables the body to work in unison (by this I mean the stomach muscles working in conjunction with the lower back muscles etc) and increases body awareness and a greater affirmation with your own being.


Why is Pilates so good for your body?

Pilates targets everything and is very functional. It helps your posture, strength, flexibility, joints and areas where you’re tight. Pilates is good for issues from working all day and it can be healing; a lot of people with injuries are referred from doctors. It’s a very safe exercise and people work within their own limits.

How could Pilates change your body shape?

Pilates can make small changes such as better pelvic floor control (need we say more!!!)  To sometimes quite dramatic changes like improved posture, toning as well as lengthening and strengthening your muscles. Areas like glutes, inner thighs, core and triceps can be changed to look better.  Doing a class two-three times a week will help to achieve this but Pilates is so transferable,


How do you motivate yourself?

You need to find inspiration. You might want to lose weight or get fit but you need something to inspire you to go and do it. You can take a picture of yourself or measure yourself. Place goals on your fridge or if you like being more private in notes on your phone. When the little devil inside you says “nah I cant be arsed today” – Look at the reasons why you started.

I started wanting to teach/learn about Pilates as I had a bad back and had one for years. I quickly learnt on my course I had no core strength at all. After the warm up I was dying. I think I walked for 2 weeks round London bent over double (ask Vicky).


What’s the biggest mistake people make doing a Pilates class?

Poor technique. Technique is so much more important than people realise. If you’re not doing it right, you’re not getting anything out of the exercise. In Pilates doing it slow and with control, is important.  That is why at Hartley Heys we are very much hands on. We are very open and if people don’t know or understand we take the time to show them.

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