Yoga Retreat

As some of you might be aware. I was fortunate enough to go to India. Whilst there I took myself away from the craziness of Mumbai and went on a Yoga retreat in the mountains of Pune. The type yoga we did was ivenger medical yoga. This was for all levels. I stayed at the retreat for 5 days. I have to say that for the first 2 days I did nothing but complete 2 1/2 hours of yoga a day, eat (vegetarian food) and have daily massages. I can honestly say it was bliss. Whilst recharging my batteries I learnt how yoga can really benefit the body and the benefit of getting my mind to be quiet ( I never thought I would hear myself say that!!)

I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learnt over the next few weeks.

Monday 6-7pm St Mary’s Sabden

Tuesday 7.15pm -8.15om St Peters Simonstone

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