Pilates for Men – Why Real Men Do Pilates

With numerous number of elite and professional sportsmen making Pilates part of their training regime here are some of your questions answered

Should I Try Pilates ? Yes is the simple answer, the benefits of Pilates include muscle strength, control, balance, flexibility and injury prevention. This is why many athletes include it into their weekly routine.

Pilates is Easy? Pilates is not easy, it’s technically difficult, requires good form and posture whilst completing numerous exercises. It’s mentally and physically challenging and requires you to focus on engagement of several muscle groups at the same time.

Will Pilates Help Build Muscle? Pilates exercise alone wont build muscle but what is does do is improve flexibility and increase core control which in turn will help when lifting weights or exercising. Thus keeping injuries at bay.

Will I See A Difference In My Body From Pilates? Hell yes, the improvement in posture will make you look taller, broader and leaner. A balance body will work better whether that’s running, biking or gym work

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