You Don’t Need To Be Bendy To Love Yoga

How many times do you think we have heard I would love to do Yoga but I cant touch my toes? Far too many. Our Yoga classes are inclusive wether you are flexible your not.

Yoga Improves Full Body Strength, if you picture a yoga class, you imagine the class twisted into portions not possible. But Yoga is also about building improving strength through your whole body particularly in warrior poses and arm balances such as four stick pose. Your strength and body tone improve quickly when you start regular practise.

Yoga is also about mindfulness, Yoga is unique amongst physical pursuits because it focuses even more on the mind than is does on the body. The point is to stay present and focus rather than letting the monkey mind take over!!

Yoga Increases The Gray Matter, Studies have shown that regular yoga practise can actually increase they gray matter in your brain which is lost through depression and chronic illness. Gray matter is essential for emotional regulation, pain tolerance and decision making. Therefore yoga makes the brain more adaptable.

Yoga Is Your You Time, Most of us spend our time focusing on other people’s needs such as your partner, children or work colleagues. Yoga allows you to focus on yourself.

Yoga Is A Process If your practising Yoga for a cool pose to show off on Instagram, you are doing it wrong!! Yoga is a process of self improvement if you cant do a pose don’t stress enjoy the journey in getting there.

Monday- 6 to 7 pm St Mary’s Church Hall Sabden

Tuesday – 7.15-8.15pm. St Peters Church, Simonstone

Wednesday 9.30am Greenbrook Methodist Church Padiham. Starting 5th September

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