Yoga in Sri Lanka

It’s not been all play and no work!! So obviously I’m well aware Vicky is yet again holding the fort and covering all our classes ( she does know I really appreciate it this).

I always try to go to a-couple of different types of yoga classes. This not only lets me see how other people teach in various places in the world. But it also allows me to re evaluate my skills as a teacher and bring back anything I have learnt to our classes.

The first class type was called a Vinyasa L2, having never done this type of yoga I tried to sneak to the back of the room ( yes I do it too) but alas there was no room. Front row for me then. Vinyasa is moving from one pose to another without a break. How hard can it be? In 36 degree heat and no air conditioning it was good but bloody tough. 2 litres of water later and looking like I got out the pool. The teacher was lovely called Christina, we did a lot of breath work ( I have to close my eyes otherwise I would start laughing ) then more vigorous sun salutations. I would definitely go to this type of class again but maybe early morning with less heat.

Ah the lovely Yin Yoga, now this is great, it took me a while to settle into this class. My mind kept wandering but once I could just stop and relax, I have to say I loved it. We did 10 different posses in an hour, it was very slow we held each pose for 6 minutes. But the benefits the next day were so good. But you have to be in the mood. I tried it the following day in the my room and it wasn’t the same.

So the following day I got back late and the only class was gong ( what was this?) lets just say, yes we were given gong, and yes I did have to bang it with a small drumstick. Needless to say gong yoga is not for me 🤣

Ps the other thing I learnt never do yoga in your underwear. It’s not a pretty sight 🙈

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