Online Video’s Coming Soon and Our First Retreat Abroad

Over the next few weeks we are working really hard. We have our first Yoga and Pilates Retreat in Tuscany. Vicky and I leave on Tuesday, whilst our guest arrive on Thursday. Over the weekend we are putting the finishing touches to our classes that we will be teaching whilst we are away. When we arrive we have a couple of guided walks to prepare and making sure everything else is ready for our guests arrival.

We have also started videoing some material for online classes. This is taking sometime to prepare. Not only recording the classes but updating our website and making it easier for bookings and payments online. This obviously takes time but we are getting very excited as we get ever closer to our goal.

When we started with 1 pilates class on a Tuesday night, I don’t think we ever thought we would, firstly, be able to take people away and secondly, be confident enough to film ourselves. Small steps. We are both looking forward to the future and exciting times.

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