Online Classes

Thank you for all those who have said they will do our free online classes next week.

How it works!! (Bear with me I’m not massively technologically savvy). We are using an app called ZOOM.

Download this app to your IPad, phone computer or smart tv.

I will then on Sunday send you an email or text with the meeting time and a meeting number which will allow you to join the class.

You can use the email or text link (but you might get this picture below. So the app is the best way)

At the designated time. Log on and you should be able to see myself and Vicky. We will take the class. It is interactive but bear in mind the others in the group will see you if you talk. (Feel free to ask questions but we cant all talk at once)

Obviously we wont be able to help at the time is there are technical issues but you can always have a read of this link.

If I don’t have your contact details please send me an email address or a phone number or 07761582675.

Fingers crossed it works well and we can all keep a bit of sanity 🧘🏼‍♀️💕

6 thoughts on “Online Classes

  1. Hi Julia I have downloaded the app, this is a brilliant idea and hopefully will give me the confidence to go classes when they are up and running again .

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