The Power of Social Media

After our initial excitement of last week and coming up with the idea of The Virtual Retreat Day on the 24th May and agreeing to press go if Boris kept us in longer.

By Friday with 9 day to go, I was exasperated, teary and frustrated, but nothing ever runs smoothly!!!

Two of the business decided it wasn’t for them and we now had 4 slots to fill or we did we just say “it hasn’t worked” and give everyone their money back!!!!

Vicky calmed me down and found a fantastic lady Claire Ratcliffe Wilson owner of The Beauty Emporium, a private day spa. She has such fantastic and innovative ideas, she was so positive. Claire has 20 years in the beauty business providing cutting edge treatments and products, whilst considering the planet.

Next was the motivational speaker and this is where the power of social media helped. My daughter put a tweet out Friday at 1.30pm and by 2.30pm I was on the phone to Jo Moseley.

Jo Moseley is a motivational speaker her goal is to help you rediscover and nourish your own joy and well being through the menopause so that you can blossom. She has featured in magazines (Daily Telegraph, Country Living, Good Housekeeping to name a few) Website, Podcasts and Radio.

We had a good half an hour chat about what we were trying to achieve and we were both nearly in tears at the end.

We want to put a day together , that everyone can enjoy in these difficult times, that wasn’t going to leave everyone struggling to find the money.

That we wanted …



Encourage Kindness to YOURSELF

Get people moving their bodies, whether thats dancing or climbing mountains, as its fantastic for the body, mind and soul.

Persuade people that yes they can set out and achieve new and exciting things.

But most of all to be happy with who you are and to feel comfortable within yourself.

I cant wait to hear her story via zoom next Sunday and feel its worth the fee in itself.

She has also offered to take me paddle boarding when the lockdown is over, I can’t wait to try something new.

You can find Jo at or on Twitter and Instagram as @healthyhappy50.

To book the day payment can be made via paypal or contact Julia on 07761582675. We also need an email address ,

One thought on “The Power of Social Media

  1. Girls, we’ll have a great day, I’m sure at the end we’ll all come out of it re-energised & with so much advice & encouragement on how to help us through these times, so looking forward to it & thank you to you Vicky for organising & the other ladies who are going to share their experiences with us xxx

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