Restorative Yoga, Why?

Do you know why restorative yoga is so good you? Restorative yoga balances a fast lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal both physical and mental systems of stress. It is probably one of the hardest session to complete but the one with the biggest benefits. When the pace of life is fast then … Continue reading Restorative Yoga, Why?

A Guide To International Yoga Day

đź’•Thank You đź’•to all those who have booked. If you haven’t, you still 12 days to book (payment options below) The afternoon will take place via zoom, if you have not used zoom before its very easy, you can download the app on a iPad or tablet , or if you are using a computer … Continue reading A Guide To International Yoga Day

Our Journey into Teaching Online – It Isn’t All Plain sailing!!!!!

Well what can we say this journey started far sooner than we had planned. Vicky and I had muted the idea of teaching via live facebook link for sometime, but it would mean having a video camera in class. Some clients wouldn’t mind where as some would find it off putting. So we had just … Continue reading Our Journey into Teaching Online – It Isn’t All Plain sailing!!!!!

HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

Do you have the winter blues or just feel stressed then our winter workshop is for you! Recharge your energy and rejuvenate your body and mind with our 2 1/2 hour workshop. Saturday 8th February 2-4.30pm, Read & Simonstone Village Hall, Eastview, Read. This workshop will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful. 2pm - … Continue reading HartleyHeys Winter Workshop – Rejuvenate You.

Yin Yoga- Why its so good for Runners!

When most of us think about yoga we tend to think about an active practise which is fast flowing. Moving from a down dog to up dog and getting a bit of a sweat on. These classes are known as yoga flow, power and vinyasa, they build strength and power. These classes often appeal to … Continue reading Yin Yoga- Why its so good for Runners!

How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

Ever had lower back pain ? Yoga can help. This consumer report explains how yoga can strengthen the back muscles. However yoga doesn't just strengthen the back muscles. It also stretches the muscles above(thoracic spine) and below (pelvis) the lower back. This alone helps to relieve tension. Yoga classes Monday 6-7pm St Mary's Church Hall … Continue reading How Yoga can help Lower Back Pain

You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

This is a really good article. Click on the link. At hartleyheys we are inclusive of all abilities. We all have to start somewhere. And somewhere is much better than NOWHERE Yoga classes Monday 6.00pm St Mary’s Hall Sabden Tuesday 7.15pm St Peter's Hall Simonstone Wednesday 9.30am - New class Lowerhouse cricket club New 31st … Continue reading You Won’t be the worlds worst Yogi!!

Yoga Class For Beginners

Starting on the 31st October for 6 weeks we are doing a block of Yoga classes for Beginners only. This is priced at ÂŁ40 payable on the day. We will be teaching the basic Yoga poses with a gradual progression. This is great for anyone who has been intrigued but not wanting to come to … Continue reading Yoga Class For Beginners

Why Are Hip Openers Are So Good For Me ?

Hip openers are the most requested moves in Yoga and can bring a sense of release to the person. Virtually the whole of what we practise in yoga opens the hips from a up dog to a wheel pose. There are over 20 muscles that cross the hips, adductors, hip flexors and lateral rotators. In … Continue reading Why Are Hip Openers Are So Good For Me ?