New Class Pilates – Control and Release

This incorporates the classic Joseph Pilates exercises plus stretching of the areas worked. This new class is for all abilities/ from nervous beginner to confident regular. Commencing November Monday 4th 9.15am St Mary’s Church Hall, Sabden And Tuesday 5th 6.15pm St Peter’s Church Hall, Simonstone What is control and release pilates? During the class we … Continue reading New Class Pilates – Control and Release

Yin Yoga- Why its so good for Runners!

When most of us think about yoga we tend to think about an active practise which is fast flowing. Moving from a down dog to up dog and getting a bit of a sweat on. These classes are known as yoga flow, power and vinyasa, they build strength and power. These classes often appeal to … Continue reading Yin Yoga- Why its so good for Runners!

New Early Morning Yoga Class – 6.30am

Starting 5th September we are starting an early morning yoga class. This will be payable in a block booking - Septembers cost £28 The class is suitable for beginners as well as more seasoned yogi's It will be at St Mary's Church Hall Sabden with Julia. You will need to bring a mat with you … Continue reading New Early Morning Yoga Class – 6.30am

Pilates for Men – Why Real Men Do Pilates

With numerous number of elite and professional sportsmen making Pilates part of their training regime here are some of your questions answered Should I Try Pilates ? Yes is the simple answer, the benefits of Pilates include muscle strength, control, balance, flexibility and injury prevention. This is why many athletes include it into their weekly … Continue reading Pilates for Men – Why Real Men Do Pilates

Why Runners Should Do Pilates

Most people understand that they need a strong core but do runners actually realise why? Running is the same movement over and over again for anywhere from 5 minutes to 5+ hours. It is a high impact sport that causes a lot of stress on your joints and muscles. Pilates help with running form that … Continue reading Why Runners Should Do Pilates