The Power of Social Media

After our initial excitement of last week and coming up with the idea of The Virtual Retreat Day on the 24th May and agreeing to press go if Boris kept us in longer. By Friday with 9 day to go, I was exasperated, teary and frustrated, but nothing ever runs smoothly!!! Two of the business … Continue reading The Power of Social Media

Types of Yoga

During our online classes we teach 3 types of yoga. They are all very different and it didn’t occur to me that people wouldn’t know the difference. Monday 6pm Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is they type of yoga that springs to mind when you think of yoga in general terms. Hatha yoga represents the sun … Continue reading Types of Yoga

Online Classes

Thank you for all those who have said they will do our free online classes next week. How it works!! (Bear with me I’m not massively technologically savvy). We are using an app called ZOOM. Download this app to your IPad, phone computer or smart tv. I will then on Sunday send you an email … Continue reading Online Classes

Our First Yoga & Pilates Retreat Day

On sunday 21st October we had our first retreat day. We had done our preparation but we were still a little nervous. What were peoples expectations and how would it be received. We had a full day planned Mobilisations Yoga - Sun salutations, warrior poses, floor work and stretches. A 10 minute talk -On the … Continue reading Our First Yoga & Pilates Retreat Day

Yoga, Pilates and the Menopause!!

This is something women are talking about more amongst themselves but often not with our partners. It's a bit like child birth, people who go through it nod and smile but in truth the realty can be very different. This article talks about the benefits of both Yoga and Pilates whilst going through the menopause. … Continue reading Yoga, Pilates and the Menopause!!

Why Runners Should Do Pilates

Most people understand that they need a strong core but do runners actually realise why? Running is the same movement over and over again for anywhere from 5 minutes to 5+ hours. It is a high impact sport that causes a lot of stress on your joints and muscles. Pilates help with running form that … Continue reading Why Runners Should Do Pilates

The Ring Of Fire

The Pilates Ring is a versatile addition to any Pilates class. It adds lightweight resistance and an extra challenge to a Pilates workout, which explains why Vicky and Julia love to incorporate this into a Pilates class. 3 Reasons Why We Love The Pilates Ring 1) Pilates Ring Increases Body Awareness If you’ve used the … Continue reading The Ring Of Fire

Pilates and How it Benefits the Mind

The benefits of Pilates on the body have been well documented and written about. Not many people realise how good Pilates is for your mental health. Just something simple as starting a new hobby and meeting people can uplift our mood but equally, increasing your knowledge of anything can help you feel more in control … Continue reading Pilates and How it Benefits the Mind

What is Pilates?

Pilates at Hartley Heys is a mat class. We start with a group of exercises which are designed to warm the body up; concentrating on the areas we will be working on during the class. This is predominately the abdomen, shoulders and back. The next set of exercises are designed to strengthen and stabilise your … Continue reading What is Pilates?